Audio Demonstration

For a vivid, interactive demonstration of SmartAVC™, the World’s Smartest Auto- matic Volume Control, on your own PC or Android phone, download the free application now.

Download onto Your Windows PC

This program provides a stunning real-time visual display of the changing gain of your speakers’ amplifier in response to ambient noise. It shows clearly how SmartAVC™ compensates for noise by smoothly and gracefully adjusting the volume of the recorded voice to maintain its intelligibility in a noisy background. To download and install this demo program onto your PC, click here:

Download onto Your Android Phone

This app, available free on the Google Android Market, will give you a sense of what the SmartAVC™ experience will sound like, once it is installed on your mobile phone and other audio devices.

Download the SmartAVC™ demo app onto your Android phone here.

It’s easy and fun to use either demo. Shout, whistle, sing, clap and make any other ‘background noises’ into your PCs microphone or your phone, and listen to how SmartAVC™ smoothly adjusts the volume to maintain intelligibility. SmartAVC™ is truly an auditory luxury!

To put SmartAVC™ through its paces, try the following two tests. Clap your hands once, as loudly as you can, right next to the phone or microphone. Or even knock the microphone sharply. You will notice that the volume barely changes. That’s because a single sharp noise, no matter how loud, does not affect intelligibility of full sentences.

Next, generate a steady tone in the voice range and another high-pitched tone next to the phone. The tone in the voice range will raise the volume of the recorded voice, but the high-pitched tone will not. That’s because high-frequency noises, above a few kHz, and low frequencies, below a few hundred Hz, do not affect intelligibility of speech.

When SmartAVC™ arrives in the near future, for the first time you will be able to hear speech, music, and games clearly and easily on your phones and other audio devices ANYWHERE, even where it’s noisy.

Take part in further improving the world’s most advanced automatic volume control. After trying this SmartAVC™ demo app, email your comments to us at

Dr. Felber tests SmartAVC™ in Starmark lab